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Javascript is loosing some of its elegance


As the only language available in web browsers, it became widely adopted. Its simplicity and compactness made it a language easy to learn and adopt. Now javascript is being updated. With the ongoing changes, javascript is loosing much of its simplicity and elegance.

xoL: graphics based programming


xoL is an experimental programming language, in which programming concepts are represented through grahic art. It is a project to build a new way to view and manipulate programs.

xoL: call for investors


xoL project would progress faster with a bit of help. The opportunity is open.

AI beats Go champion. Time to start the crazy research.


AlphaGo victory showcases spectacularly that advances in AI, are ready to provide real world benefits. This should boost more risky research on general AI.

xoL: Icon based programming.


xoL. A programming language where programs are sets of icons arranged on grids. Here I explain some of the reasons why, I think that icon based programs could be great.

Javascript build tools

Build tools allows developer to increase productivity, by automating repetitive tasks. Here is a comparison of some of them.