xoL: Visual programming language - Concept design

xoL is an experimental concept design for a programming language, where concepts are represented with simple graphics, instead of text.

xoL is an attemp at creating a graphical interface for programming. Based on the belief that programming can go beyond text editors. More sophisticated graphical visualizations, can make easier to understand programs. More specialized user interfaces can make easier to work with them. xoL is a graphical programming language, designed to be more efficient to use than text based ones. An elegant, yet powerful general purpose graphic language, with a sophisticate UI, well suited for tablets and desktops.

xoL is statically typed, object based, hybrid functional, planned to be implemented on top of javascript. Its design is oriented toward simplicity and symmetry.

Current version xoL is the revision 10. Prototype second will be based on this revision. Work is still early. The rev10 specs may be published soon.

xol is now on patreon! For those that may want to help with the project, patreon is a possible way. Check xol page on patreon here:

The link below, contains the xoL prototype first, available for viewing, based on xoL revision 9. This prototype is now obsolete, as xoL revision 10 is a fundamentally better design.

In the link below, there is a now obsolete xoL version specs available for viewing. Current specs may be published soon.

What is xoL?
A programming language based on graphics instead of text, intended to be more efficient than traditional text based programming.

What problem does solve?
Increases developers productivity and happiness, by making programming easier.

Who needs it?
- Developers that want better tools to program.
- Folks that wants better tools to learn to program.
- Platform owners that want the best tools on their platforms.

What is the current status of the project?
Work has gone through many iterations. There is a prototype first available, based on design iteration 9. xoL revision 10 is the current version. It includes fundamental improvements, and prototype is planned to be based on this revision.

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Visual is used to refer to programming languages that employ graphics, instead of just text to convey information. xoL uses a graphical representation of programs that emphasizes programming concepts. xoL UI would replace most of the text plumbering in programming, with GUI operations.

Visual languages have failed to gain mainstream acceptance. Currently all programming, save some minor niches, is done with text based languages.

Not considering platform attachment, visual languages so far have failed against text based ones, on the fundamental features that make languages usable. These features are a few key points, that drive programmers preference of languages. When language selection is not forced by the platform or ecosystem, selection is driven mainly by these factors:

xoL intends to demonstrate that with careful design, a graphical programming can surpass text based languages on most, if not all of these fundamentals. Positioning itself as the preferable choice for development. It should be capable of attaining growth, initially mainly between programmers not attached to specific platforms or ecosystems. Then becoming of interest for hardware platform holders, who want to have the best tools for their platforms.