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Personal brand, dedicated to pushing innovative projects in computing. There are multiple projects that I have researched to various levels through my life. They represent areas of technology+art in which I am highly interested to work. Looking for Investors interested in funding these projects, please contact me for discussion.



xoL is a concept design for a visual programming language. xoL is computer programming, evolved. Based on the belief that programming can go beyond text editors. More sophisticated graphical visualizations can make easier to understand programs. More specialized user interfaces can make easier to work with them. xoL would be a visual programming language, designed to be more efficient to use than text based ones. An elegant, yet powerful general purpose graphic language, with a sophisticated UI, well suited for tablets and desktops.


ixz is a future project to create virtual reality characters and scenarios. It is a set of tools to generate and animate charming characters with ease. The goal is to use procedural generation of shapes and motion, to get very low cost interactive or non-interactive animated characters. These can be used to build movies, animation, games, interactive stations, etc.

Project soul

I am highly interested in working on reproducing the human mind with computers. This means Artificial intelligence. I think that my skills in computer and arts could be useful for this. I used to think on this problem when I was a teen. Haven't had the chance to make much progress after that.


I have high interest in videogames, and have designed some concepts through the years. Of special interest for me, would be to use the tools described in the above projects, ions chars and A.I. mind, to generate more interesting games, and at lower costs than usual techniques allows.


I have high interest on the art of human emotions, and I am a big fan of fantasy. Also I love draw art. All this make me a big fan of Anime. I am interested in making some projects in this area. Of special interest would be to use the tools described in my other projects: ions chars and AI mind, to generate more interesting anime, and at lower cost than usual.


Qiix is a personal brand to give an identity to my efforts, pushing creative projects in computing.

Qiix projects
Qiix projects are in the area of computing intersecting with art.

Daniel Salvati
D.S. hyper-creative programmer artist, painter, thinker, with lots of experience.

Am looking for investors for my current project: xoL. check Qiix blog, xoL. For micro investiments check xoL patreon page: xoL patreon

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Am currently focused on xoL. Find more on the xoL page, and the xoL blog. Links are at the bottom of the page.